Parental Control Setup

Trust your parental control setup to I Need Nerds. We are the finest business for setting up parental control on computers in Brooklyn, NY and the surrounding areas. We provide a complete range of computer parental control systems to protect you and your children against online predators. For solution for your demands, we will assist you in making your decision.

We take the time to make certain you get the parental controls that you are able to use productively. In order to get this type of individualized service, you need a company you can depend on to guide you through the parental control selection and installation process. We are uniquely qualified to help. Our goal is for you to receive the level of protection you desire at the most competitive price possible.

With our parental control service, we want you to feel safe and give you a peace of mind knowing your children are protected online, whether you are at home or not. Parental controls play an essential role in maintaining the safety and security of your computer. However, it is imperative you select parental controls that will meet your demands and your budget.

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Parental controls for today’s computers need to be sophisticated because those who wish to bring harm to children are coming up with new ways to do so on a daily basis. want to be your one-stop parental control service provider. When you want to give safety and protection to your children while they are online, turn to I Need Nerds.

Parental Control On Any System

Our technicians possess the capabilities to install or repair your parental control on any computer system.
You will have the flexibility to receive a system for any make or model of PC, MAC, or tablet. A parental control system is the right answer for a Brooklyn, NY area parent who wants to protect their children, as well as keep them off sites they shouldn’t be on.

When you contact us for parental control service, our expert professionals will apply their workmanship and skills to getting the job done right the first time. We guarantee it. The best part is that we come to your home to deliver our top notch service.

In addition, we provide other onsite computer service for other issues you might be having, such as viruses and spyware. If you are unable to get your screen to move, we can come to your home and get your internet back in working condition. Whatever your needs are, we will assist you. To get parental control or any other type of service for your computer, call I Need Nerds.

We understand that children sometimes are curious and want to check out a website that they should be viewing. With our parental controls, any websites that you don’t want your children looking at are blocked. We want your children to feel safe online at all times, and we know that you want them to be safe as well. Our computer techs can make this happen.

In addition to bringing protection, parental control gives you a peace of mind when your children are online when you are not around, i.e. after school while you are at work. Children should have the freedom to be on their computer, but you also want to know what they are viewing online.

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Parental Controls Can Give You Information

Our experienced crew will outfit your computer with parental controls that does just that; let you know and control what your children can see and not see.  If you have more than one computer you would like parental controls installed on, we can make it happen.

When it comes to your parental control decisions, you are the boss. At the same time, you might be unsure as to what parental controls will work best for your home and need a second opinion.

We specialize in on-site computer services, and we can manage each aspect of the computer service project, from beginning to end. No project is ever too small or big for us.

Whether it is installing parental controls or removing a virus, we deliver efficiency and punctuality to every job.  By taking advantage of our onsite computer services, you will enjoy a cost-effective project that adds value to your residence.

Your computer is where your children spend most of their time, whether it is during the week after school or on the weekend. You have ideas of what they are looking at on the internet, but you can never be too sure. We want your computer and your children to be safe, but still enjoy being online whenever they want to be. We know what is possible and how to do it for you. Our computer technicians can give you the parental control systems that you need. To get parental control systems that delivers world-class protection, hire I Need Nerds.

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